Commercial TV

IRS - Intergrated Reception Systems Leeds West Yorkshire

IRS (Integrated Reception System) offers the ultimate in digital TV services by collecting the broadcast signals from both terrestrial and satellite transmitters, as well as FM radio signals along with the new Digital Audio Broadcasts DAB, giving those who have purchase the dwellings free to choose which  type of digital service they require.

Residents can connect their digital TV or Freeview receiver to the socket outlet point in their home or they can also connect a Sky satellite receiver for either sky, sky plus, sky HD

Larger systems can have multiple multi-switches, The multi-switches are connected onto a backbone of trunk cables, which is usually routed through a central riser for example or can either be fixed in trunking to the external part of the building.

IRS systems delivers satellite signals to receivers as if they were connected directly to a satellite dish or aerial, the user will not need any special equipment to connect to the digital TV services. Installing two separate feeds to each household, will give the residents access to the Sky+ facilities and recording services. We now have the ability to offer IRS over Fibre which means more signal to more points because fibre suffers no signal loss even over long distances.

MATV - Master Antenna TV Leeds West Yorkshire

Master Antenna Television or M.A.T.V systems differ from IRS by only offering Freeview and DAB radio services. For projects where giving residents the choice of satellite TV is not a prime objective, such as housing associations, prisons, hospitals, this can be a cost effective way of saving.

Many existing MATV systems might need to be upgraded at some point before the digital switchover if the system is not suitable for carrying digital television signals.

In a typical MATV system the aerial is a conventional UHF aerial, receiving both analogue and digital TV signals. These signals are then processed and a distribution network delivers all television signals to a socket in each household.

SMATV - Satellite Master Antenna TV Leeds West Yorkshire

Satellite Master Antenna Television or S.M.A.T.V systems are often used in environments where a number of different channels need to be controlled and managed, i.e., prisons, care homes, hospitals and holiday parks or hotels.

The head end unit is installed to receive signals from a digital aerial and satellite dish. This unit processes the signals into pre-selected channels and distributes them over the network.  Guests can then access selected satellite or Freeview channels completely independent of each other 

TV And HD Over Cat 5e Cabling Systems   

TV over Cat 5 enables video and HDTV to be distributed over structured cabling systems, Signals are first received and demodulated to baseband video + audio signals, For example, in the case of Freeview channels signals received by a TV antenna is processed by a Freeview Set Top Box to produce video + audio signals at its output.
The system is centrally located so it can be completely managed and controlled from any TV location or reception desk PC or an administration PC. You can very simply control what TV channels are distributed on the system and what channels can only be viewed from a specific location

Providing Commercial TV Distribution For

  • Builders
  • Business
  • Domestic
  • Electrical contractors
  • Estate agents
  • Health clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Landlords
  • Letting agents
  • Local authorities
  • Public House
  • Residential
  • Schools
  • Sports centres

Digital Signage Leeds

Digital signage is an electronic display system of any given information using LCD, LED, plasma, or projected images. Digital Signage displays are controlled by a basic Computer. The benefits of digital signage over static signs, content and animations can be shown more easily. Digital signage can offer excellent return on investment compared to promotional signs made from other materials