CCTV Installation

Installers Of CCTV Systems And Security Solutions In Leeds And West Yorkshire

We are a Leeds based company who specialise in AV and integrated CCTV systems and security solutions offering a quality CCTV installation service to domestic & business clients in Leeds and west Yorkshire. CCTV is the perfect solution for monitoring your premises both internally and externally. We select cameras and lenses that offer the best solutions for your specific environment, but we ensure this is achieved within your budget requirements so you get the best quality possible for your money

Home Security CCTV Systems

A CCTV Camera system for your home can benefit you in many ways. Home CCTV installation could help to protect you and your family from the threat of burglaries, anti-social behaviour and crime in general. We can install hidden or normal CCTV cameras to make sure your home is secure and protected. Home CCTV systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice for security-conscious homeowners looking to protect their property and valuables. We offer a free quote and site survey for home CCTV installation in Leeds and West Yorkshire

Business Security CCTV Systems

Surveillance CCTV systems can help protect your business in many ways. We can install a professional CCTV Camera system for your business that satisfies all your needs. We supply and install CCTV systems in small or large premises internally and externally. Some of the key benefits to having a business CCTV system to protect your premises, you can keep an eye on your business even when you are not there, you have recorded evidence of all the happenings at all times, general security and surveillance of your premises, CCTV deters internal theft or fraud by staff. If you are looking to get a competitive quote, we provide a free quote and survey for business and commercial CCTV installation in Leeds and West Yorkshire


Many customers will have High Definition TV’s in their homes and business and will expect the same level of picture quality from a CCTV system installed. Thanks to HD-SDI, HD CCTV camera systems gives you 4x better image qualities than standard analogue definition and records at full 1080p allowing for better facial recognition and clearer image clarity. HD-SDI is becoming an increasingly popular choice for CCTV installation for both home and business. Aerial Satellite Link provides a free quote and survey service for new installation in Leeds and west Yorkshire

Office Security CCTV Systems

A CCTV camera system provides increased protection and acts as a further deterrent against burglary or criminal damage, and allows you to record and playback and provide evidence if necessary. The use CCTV systems and digital images has improved clarity making identification and prosecution a reality. A business must work hard to keep itself protected as the risk of burglary, Theft, criminal damage or loss of data information which can potentially ruin a business. Aerial Satellite Link  provide a range of bespoke integrated office security solutions to ensure that your property, stock and staff members are safe

Retail Security CCTV Systems

We understand the balance between high security and a relaxed customer environment is a difficult process for retailers who obviously need to keep their property and stock secure, allowing their staff to work effectively and safely whilst providing a friendly and welcoming shopping experience for the customer.  Aerial Satellite Link offer a range of integrated security solutions to make sure retail outlets are safe but inviting. We can provide Both Analogue and Digital design and installation services,  hard disk digital recording with standalone, network or remote playback facilities,  remote viewing and monitoring,  date and time indexing with direct copying to CDROM or USB

Network IP Cameras

A Network camera also known as an IP camera can be described as a camera and computer combined into one unit which captures and transmits live images directly over an IP network enabling users to remotely view and manage the security cameras from any web browser anywhere. The best analogue security camera D1 Resolution is about 0.4 Mega-pixel. This is a giant leap in picture quality for the IP cameras which begin at 0.4 mega-pixel up to far greater resolution such as 3.1 Mega-pixel and even greater. This is better than HD CCTV which is amazing. IP cameras are suitable for all types of property. Aerial Satellite Link provide a free quote and survey service for new CCTV installations  in Leeds and west Yorkshire.