Broadband via Satellite

How It Works

Broadband via satellite in Leeds is delivered via a (74cm) satellite dish wired to an internal router delivering a high-speed broadband connection. No fibre, no mobile phone masts, and no phone line required. Broadband via satellite already covers the whole of the UK and is now great value and simple. We offer all of our customers a superfast (20Mbps) download speed with a data package to suit your needs. 

Satellite uses different technology to BT and the ADSL network, it doesn't suffer from problems like being too far from an exchange and too many people trying to use the same line. Satellite broadband will work anywhere in the UK and Europe providing you have line of site 

Get what you pay for

Using satellite for your broadband means that you get what you pay for. When you choose our 20Mbps service, you will get a service designed to deliver 20Mbps – something only 1% of all 20/24Mbps ADSL customers receive on average. Compare that with recent performance for ADSL where the average rural download speed for "up to" 20/24Mbps services was just 3.3Mbps (Ofcom March 2012*). Satellite gives you a much more reliable service. Get the speed you pay for with satellite.

Packages Available

Broadband via Satellite Prices